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Beijing tycoon forced to tear down private mountain resort building

A Chinaman and longtime (ancestral) doctor is being forced today to destroy his personal building/villa mountain thing. (see the picture to believe it). You see, this rich tycoon, and former politician , thought it would be a great idea to add some rocks, trees and whatever he well pleased on top of his standard apartment building.Now, we all know that even in China such things are illegal. However, people often failed to report the issue to local authorities, mainly because they lived in this building and were paying rent. A few people, however, complained about it --especially the loud parties-- to local authorities.Authorities seized the chance to show the public (backed by the media) that china was not corrupt, and proper action would be taken,Chinese authorities gave the building's owner 15 days to level the building , or present evidence of a building permit. If these demands are not met, the...
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