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Fried Chicken made in China

In a very baffling study , companies are getting ready to export dead USA chickens to china, have them processed there, and brought back here(witht he intention of selling them frozen and to fast food restaurants). Even with such facts as "arsenic in Chinese imported apple juices" and "lead paints in Chinese made children's toys" -- outsourcing does not have the best track record. These previous case studies are a cause for concern , and we certainly don't feel safe eating chicken "fabricated in china". Cutting costs at the cost of human lives is a terrible move on whoever decided to do this. Its impracticable to import non-dried meats from anywhere anyways. But how will the general populous react to this? Are Chinese standards equal to our standards? Will every sample be checked thoroughly? Is it practical or possible to check every sample? There are many questions to ask! It could...
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