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Why have college prices skyrocketed?

Money sucked into wormhole In 1901 , colleges that now cost upwards to 48,000$ /year only cost 100$ per year. We know that much like the famous 5 cent coke bottles of the time , and 5 penny per gallon gas, the prices were due to lack of inflation of the American bank note. We actually wrote about why American money has fallen in value here " American Money Value Drop ". Even though on the global field , the US dollar has dropped in value over 95% ( and falling ) in the past century , this would logically mean that  University prices should not exceed 1000$/year , right? Well, to our dismay , it appears that the lack of value in association with the U.S dollar has nothing to do with the made-up prices of colleges these days. You see, back in the day all of our colleges were...
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