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Plant-clad skyscrapers

Plant covered skyscrapers might be the next big thing. Not only has the idea of combining a natural look to the modern architecture flattered the eyes of artists, but it might yield economic benefits to cities suffering from CO2 overdoses.Coming from Milan, we see that this type of "organic" architecture is very appealing to the eye. Even though it is a relatively new concept to do this on a massive scale, because trees can easily destroy buildings over time, it might be perfected over time.These first prototypes are very attractive, and they are quickly becoming "international trends". What does this mean for a greener world? Well trees tend to absorb Carbon Dioxide and convert it to oxygen. Cities like Mexico City and Beijing might be able to recover from the severe smog which cripples the air quality.It has always been difficult establishing "habitable zones"  without having to level massive amounts of...
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