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Contactless smart card

The future of the banking world has always been shifting. Just twenty years ago, people were still adamant about using cheques over credit and debit cards. But as you can now see, this has changed drastically. In fact 78% of all transactions done by merchants in 2011 were done on credit or debit cards (source=international service of revenue census of credit processing).Much like the cheque, the credit and debit card might be the next thing to become just a thing of the past. For over five years now, Contactless smart cards have been used over in Europe, and Asia. Analysts predict the trend will move into the united states and Canada in early 2013.What is a contactless smart card? Well, a contactless smart card is pretty much the 75% the size f your average credit/debit card. Now instead of having to slide it, you simply put it against a contacless smartcard...
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