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The essentials of contracts (basic United States Law)

In the world of law, things constantly change , new things are added and the outdated are tossed out. But today, I will explain the basics that have been used for almost 300 years in regards to "contracts". contractsDefinitionA contract is a legal(in the eyes of the law) agreement in which two parties consent to exchanging services, materials or intellectual property.Likewise, there is a set of laws , commonly referred to as " contractural laws" that aim to support contracts word for word. The main aim of these, as with many other laws, is to make outcomes of contracts more predictable.How to form a contractForming a contract can be as easy as asking someone to hand you over their godamn bicycle for a penny or two. If the person agrees, then you are forming a contract where you are receiving goods for money. The contract is then complete and both parties...
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