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Somalian Pirates Are The Least Of Your Worries

Somalian Pirates Are The Least Of Your Worries
It is unfortunate ,but, 99% of all pirate attacks go unreported. On a daily basis, 6 attacks will occur somewhere in the world. You of course will never know about it because it does not affect you personally (unless you're an unfortunate sailor). From today on understand this: Somalia is not the only country that throws pirate raids at unprotected commerce!Nonononononononono! NO! Somalia is responsible for maybe one raid a month. The statistics show that internationally ever four hours, a pirate attack occurs (we say 6 a day to be lenient). And no, these attacks don't involve large war vessels with rear mounted cannons. No, that is simply a glorified Hollywood image. Much rather, the pirate of today is usually reminiscent of an al-Qaeda member. They dress in rags because they simply can't afford decent clothing(uniforms etc). And quite unlike the pirates of before, they do not go out and take...
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