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The Cthulhu Portal Gets Festive

The Cthulhu Portal Gets Festive

In commemoration of the upcoming holidays, we have added a few holiday extras around the website. Additionally we will be holding a raffle for “Cthulhu Points” on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Christmas Eve and New Years Eve + Day. The End of the year is fast approaching and the Cthulhu Portal is reaching its third year in existence. We want to thank everyone that has ever visited this website and we wish you a happy holiday season! :) Cheers, The Cthulhu Portal Team

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We have updated a bit more for you

We have updated a bit more for you

We would like to take the first part of this post to thank you all for being with us, we are very happy to have you with us. We have had a wonderful year, it has truly been an honor having the few of you that are active with us. Now let’s move on, we have implemented a few changes throughout the portal, we have rid ourselves of that green dropdown menu button, it was just too complicated and out of shape to be of any use. In order to compensate for the lack of this drop box, you will now notice different menu items to your right depending on which part of our website you are currently on. For example, the Cthulhu Store is only accessible when clicking the “news” button in the menu, the store link will be displayed to the right of any content in the news section....

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Cthulhu Portal Made More User Friendly

Let us start by stating that we still did not get any solid users, perhaps we have made it difficult for you to register, perhaps you don't like the way the website looks, perhaps you fear this website will fail? Well, we did a few things to make your experience not only easier, but more enjoyable. Let us begin at the basics. We wanted to implement a wall, quite a while back, really, and so we did, feel free to check it out the next time you visit a user. Then , we added the ability to rate users. Yes, it's rather unnecessary, but it might make you happier. We then added the ability to register automatically using facebook , or twitter, you can then log in at the touch of a button, no more need to type anything in :) In general, we made this more community based, feel free...

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The Cthulhu Portal Must Grow

Hello dear users. As stated before, the chat module was causing too many problems and the simplest solution was to suspend it until further notice. Aside from that, we are looking for people to spread this website to their friends. If you own a website related to Cthuhu matters, contact us and become an official partner. If we get 50 users by the end of July, we will put out a commercial for our brand new movie "Cthulhu The Movie" and give you an exclusive chance to get the entire movie free of charge the day it comes out (dvd and blueray). So please, send more people our way :D      

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We are now rigorously working on a Cthulhu movie

The Cthulhu Portal is proud to announce that we have begun creating a 3d movie based on the famous Mythos. We are working hard to get a preview out by August 2012. Also, note that if you want to sell something on the CthulhuPortal, you can always click here and we will get your product up as soon as we can. For any suggestions for The Cthulhu Portal , click here and start a new topic.     

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June 26th, 2012 Update

The Cthulhu Store has been launched (although this is not what the future one will look like). You can check it out in the menu bar to your left. We also have a poll running concerning the live chats we recently added. Vote on that here. Future plans:*Make website Faster *Add a wall*Add more emoticons*Get more people

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Various Bugs Have Been Addressed, The Cthulhu Store Is Looking For People To Sell Their Items, Leader Board Enabled On Cthulhu Games

Ok, so recently there was a registration bug that would send you multiple emails to confirm your registration (and none of them would work). This has been addressed. Also, profile pictures following registration were unable to load immediately, so that was resolved as well. Furthermore, the Cthulhu store is seeking able craftsmen to sell their items. If your interested, please contact us here. Lastly, leader-boards have been enabled for the following games *Las Adventuras De Cthulhu *Cupid's Revenge

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Attention Cthulhu Fans: Beta Tester Needed

Attention Cthulhu Fans: Beta Tester Needed

The Cthulhu Portal opened last week. It is still in its beta stages, but, we need people who can act as beta testers and bug-reporters. Beta testers may be given special privileges or commission for input and for growing the community. You can read more about the Cthulhu portal in our opening statement here

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