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Wiki Cleansed

Wiki Cleansed
Phoenixwiki has been cleansed after about 18 hours of nonstop work, it has finally become usable! Furthermore, facebook style chat and chatroom will temporarily be disabled to make the website run much faster. We will enable it and develop it like crazy if we can make enough money to support our own server (1000$+/year).Now, we can only ask you to keep us alive by inviting people to join us, and liking us on facebook+twitter. The reason for this is because the faster we get ourselves out there, the more money we can potentially make, and the better we can make this website.Delays on the Cthulhu Movie are setting us back months, and this is because working on a full motion animated and 3d capable movie where you are making the characters, soundtrack, scenes (frame by frame) and even doing the voices in a one man team is much more difficult than...
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