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Updates for February 2014

Updates for February 2014
Our dearest users, we have done some recent renovations to the Cthulhu Portal that we think are not only aesthetically nice to look at , but also enhance the user experience.First, the toolbar was moved from the left to the right. This is basically a standard feature for the entire Internet. Those of you that were used to the left-sided toolbar should quickly adjust to this (since it is more natural to look from left to right). A revolvermap was added to pinpoint all visitor's locations! This is an independent 3d party program , so no personal data about anyone's location is being collected , but it fun to see who is on here in real-time! A "latest forum post" toolbar has been added to the right side of the forum. This will display the last messages from up to one month on the forum. User images will be displayed to the right...
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