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Three things you should try putting on your cat

Dressing up your cat and taking pictures can be a very.... different experience. Some cats love to be dressed up, others become depressed. Some might even lunge at you. Anyways , here are three essential things to try. First, you must try a bow-tie. A bow-tie is simple, yet it communicates the message of "hey, I am human too" , not to mention any cat with a bow-tie looks so adorable. Cat With Bowtie The second item every cat should always try on is a sweater. What says "tender, soft , warm and fuzzy" more than a kitten or a cat in a sweater? Maybe just those words! Check this out, it's absolutely stunning! Kitten in sweater Lastly you should implement a top-hat. Nothing says "cover of cat fancy" quite like a gentleman cat with a monocle and a top hat. Not only is it cute, but it makes your cat...
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