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Medical studies prove that anti psyhcotics do not work

Hello dear reader, I will switch from my usual writings of interesting, and informative things to simply reflect on a medical study I read recently.This study blatantly stated that patients suffering from psychosis, depression or abnormal  (minor) mental illness should never begin such drugs.The study was conducted by 13 separate research facilities in Canada and Northern United States.  As stated, the people used as test subjects "consented to being experimented upon" for a price of "free" "as is usually the case in Canada".Among the subject, you must note that 85% were women suffering from minor depression. This was agreed upon by the researchers following a study on lab mice, proving the drugs had no visible affect on the male mouse.As such the person (s) chosen to be the "lab mice" were put on these brand new anti psychotics and did as follows:2% experienced positive affects44% experienced nothing49% experienced negative affects (nausea...
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