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Scientists in Italy sentenced to prison terms for failure to predict earthquake

A few scientists in the field of plate tectonics, and utterly the prediction of tectonic movement (earthquake scientists) are facing six year jail sentences starting today. The reason for these prison sentences is gross negligence, the failure to predict the L'Aquila earthquake in 2009 that killed over 300 innocent people.The seven men will receive six years each, no pardons will be made since the court found them guilty today. In a way, they deserve it for not doing their jobs properly, but perhaps  we must look to how flawed science is, we cannot say for sure they even knew it was coming.In the face of mother nature killing those people, it is immoral to place seven men in prison for manslaughter. All these men deserve is honorable discharges, for incompetency. L'Aquila Earthquake Zone -marked in yellow and red-   
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