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The Human Aura

Human AuraWhen you think of the term "aura" ,what comes to mind? Perhaps you watch anime, or even play video games , so the term "aura" already has a "de-facto" meaning to you?Instead of questioning what the term means , ask yourself this : have you ever felt some sort of pressure illuminating from a certain person?   Often , and for centuries, Buddhist monks have said "all people are united by invisible strings" , hence when something happens to someone , someone else can feel it.In Buddhism , these spiritual binds often link family members together. As an example ,  if your grandmother was dying of a heart attack , you might feel preemptive heart pains. It is the reason why sometimes , prior to being told the tragedy , you would "know something wrong happened".Ok, we are straying too far from the point here. As a direct response to our...
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