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Finding evil in the human brain

If we told you that a cat-scan or x-ray of a human brain could tell us whether or not you were evil, you would probably flip a sh!# and also the coffee table in front of you over our heads , it's ok , it is in your nature to prevent discrimination.But today we are serious when we say "evil can be scientifically detected" through what German scientists refer to as "dark spots". Often found not in thieves, or people that kill in crimes of passion (over love) , but in people that kill for pleasure. Dr Gerhard Roth with brainDr. Gerhard Roth, a venerated professor of neurology , and professor of well over 20 years [in service] , has stated that "dark spots" are visible in the brains of all killers, and men that take joy in the torture of innocents (usually humans, but also animals).He sort of went on...
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