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Im a fat bald guy

"Thats right gentlemen, I'm a fat bald guy. I'm like 40 years old, and I live in my parent's basement, alone.Every couple of months I come out to see the light.My eyeballs burn when I look at the light too directly.Then I get in my car to go down to the store to buy something.I hate it so much when my GPS makes me go through the ghetto.Sometimes I think technology is the reason why god doesn't talk to us anymore.When I get home with all the tonnage of snacks I had wasted all of my money on, it really pisses me off how I can't hear the television while I chew.What pisses me off even more is how my ps3 cant be turned on from a distance.Its very painful when I have to switch the cables on the television.God I hate how I cant use my laptop on the couch...
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