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Insomnia and Obesity

Insomnia Have you realized recently that due to lack of exercise and weight gain, your sleeping routine has freaking went haywire? Have you realized that you wake up at night, unable to fall back asleep? Well, the reason behind this generally unknown phenomenon is actually a bodily reaction to the lack of energy usage. Yes, just like your body will begin making you feel sick, weary and in pain when you don't eat, over-eating and not using enough of the energy from your body during any given day will drastically afflict your ability to get a good-night's sleep.   Now, you might be thinking that this is all because of excessive weight on the lungs, and extra thermal insulation of body heat. This is partially right, but just imagine eating a few spoons of sugar as a very skinny man/woman and trying to go to sleep. Everyone will see that this...
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