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The fat man's guide to skinny dining

obese man Alright fatboy , you came over here for advice right? Well, drop that jelly donut god fvcking damnit! It's time to turn those extra chins into a six pack (did I just really c0cksucking say that?) Ok son , first of all dieting is not for men , so we're not going to tell you to cut down on those god damn carbs. No, rather , you're going to chow down on similar shit and get lean at the same time. Do you motherfvcking love bread? Well too fvcking bad! White bread is all c0cksucking sugar , cocklet with a brown crust motherfvck! And all that white goodness goes to your thighs! Yeah, you better ditch it while you still have legs! Switch out that white bread for a whole wheat bread. The difference is really in the sugar levels , and sugar is higher in energy than that...
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