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Eiffel Tower Burns

Eiffel Tower Burns Eiffel Tower Burns
The Eiffel tower burns as France looms towards a dark age over recent hikes on petroleum. Chaos and disorder in what appear to be an almost apocalypti...
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Paris Gunmen Killed

Paris Gunmen Killed
Today we have learned that two brothers who were indicated as "perpetrators" in the January 7th Paris massacre that left 11 dead have been put to justice. Justiciers , apparently, armed with sniper rifles located the two men (only indicted with the last names "Kouachi")  barred in a real-estate company several miles away from the original scene of the crime. The men apparently took hostages and refused to surrender. Early in the morning ,however, the two men stormed out of the building for some reason and opened fire on police. Justiciers above armed with sniper rifles quickly managed to take them out and averted any additional collateral damage.A great evil was vanquished from Paris today , but two more suspects remain at large. Additionally, a great many now feel that the stability of muslim relations throughout the world have been undermined. The world must now begin the long road towards recovery from...
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