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Making It Big On The Order Of The Iron Phoenix

Making It Big On The Order Of The Iron Phoenix
Are you struggling to make ends meet on this website? Are you not earning enough points to buy sh&*?The problem is not you; it’s your content! We currently support points for activities in the blogging, discussion and social media part of this website. Of course we will be getting our media section and classified ads in on the actions as well; but for the time being how the hell can you go from nothing to actually buying prizes with our available features?Let’s start at the most basic common sense we have to offer. Because you accumulate points through people reading your crap, you need to output some good quality crap. Nobody said that anything in life is easy; so you need to write crap that people actually want to read.When you create a good quality post, share it on your facebook, pinterest, twitter and google plus as well as your profile...
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