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Where are we heading?

Where are we heading?
Over the past few weeks, we have begun to migrate the entire content of The Order Of The Iron Phoenix to the Cthulhu Portal.This move, although it has already begun, will take an estimated 5-8 months to complete (we have a lot of content to move).This sudden change in policy means that certain features might be pushed back even further. For example, the long anticipated “Holy War” game will be pushed back to after the migration.Likewise, our movie and store will have to be pushed even further to accommodate the changes.We are, however, still going to fix bugs and issues as we migrate our content. This means that everyone that encounters an issue or bug needs to report it on the forums under “Help and Support”!We are also happy to announce that an even newer feature will soon be available. This feature will include a directory of listings for products, places,...
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