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General Butt Naked

Christened "Joshua Milton Blahyi " after his conversion to Christianity, the feared General Butt Naked was once a powerful leader--leading his armies of child soldiers through intimidation. Joshua Milton BlahyiGeneral Butt-Naked started out as a boy born in a small  Krahn village in northern Liberia.A bit of background in Liberia: Liberia was probably the first country to be fully run by a black majority, it was established by the USA in the mid 1800s as a colony to return illegally smuggled slaves, and in general, move the blacks back to their motherland. It has been in a constant civil war since then, with people like president Samuel Doe being violently executed by opposing rebels.General Butt-Naked had a vision as a small child, in this vision he saw his pagan god (village totem)  Nyanbe-a-weh , he was then instructed to kill and eat human hearts, and drink human blood [by the gods],...
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