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Dear Millionaires

Millions dollars Millions dollars
This is an odd rant, but heavens knows, there are tons of people with millions of dollars in the world. We want to simply ask those that do, how would you like to venture the ultimate project, by donating massive amounts of money to us, not only will you let our dreams flourish (we always did want a Maybach), but you can also ave your soul when the end of the world comes in a month.Heck, the only reason why we have the audacity to ask on the internet is because we fear we have barely a month left to enjoy ourselves. And if the apocalypse does come, and you have all that money, how will you be judged?Why not share your wealth with us? If you do, this website can perhaps become greater than a combination of facebook and twitter , and we can have a Maybach hehe.We also wouldn't mind...
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