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The Cthulhu Portal Turns Blue

The Cthulhu Portal Turns Blue
The Cthulhu Portal has turned blue! We went from black to red and always felt those colors really irritated the eyes of the readers. We can't exactly go white because this is a dark themed website, so we went as light as possible and it looks pretty cool no?Anyways a few things were also changed in accordance with our own experience on this website. This mainly came from our use of light backdrops on text boxes with dark text being implemented in areas such as "User Media" and "Games". The issue was our sickly gray color (which looks white to you ;) ) is very difficult to see on a white backdrop. These have now been fixed and no further issues with these "hard to see text" filters should be present.More sections have been added to the forums, but please don't overuse them at this time (we have had some recent...
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