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Five Weapons You Wont Believe Are Legal

Gun KnifeSo, you really think that Obama being crushed in his efforts to control guns was a good thing huh? Well, wait until you see what kind of weapons are actually legal to purchase by anyone in the United States!Coming in at number 5 is the legendary flamethrower! A weapon used for many years now to mass-kill entrenched soldiers by quite literally "cooking" them out. This weapon of mass murder is readily available to anyone that wants one, and hell, if you don't have a license to have one, its only a 20$ fine! :) Oh , and you totally can use this to hunt elk and protect your home, like that lady that set fire to a snake and burned down her entire house. FlamethrowerComing in at number 4 is the legendary "minigun" or "chaingun" , yes we mean those neo-gattling type mechanisms that you can fire like 500 rounds...
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