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Some guy is selling celestial land

If I told you you could freaking own a piece of the moon , or Venus, or Pluto for just 19.99$ an acre, you would stick a stake of wood through my putrid sinning heart. But, as absurd as it sounds, some guy in California, running a scam operation called the "Lunar Embassy Corp" made over 27 million dollars in selling people portions of every celestial body in our solar system. And why does this guy think that he owns all of space and can simply sell it? Who really knows. So after you purchase your acres , this guy gives you the deed to your newly acquired piece of "celestial" real estate.  You might be asking yourself who in the hell or what would fall for this blatant scam. After all , humans don't exactly own everything that we see, hasn't history taught us anything?. These idiots that have bought...
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