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Israel continues to push into Gaza

Israel continues to push into Gaza
A swift call to end all engagements has been drawn up and slammed at Israel by the United Nations. This comes following a series of bombardments and ground invasions by Israel into Gaza. Allegedly, many of these attacks are targeting civilians rather than Hamas (some radical Islamic group) members. Israeli mediums to the U.N. have claimed that these efforts are already showing results including the destruction of Hamas missile sites. Israeli politicians are also claiming that four soldiers have been killed since the invasion began two days ago. Israeli politicians and leaders made promises earlier today to avenge the deaths of their comrades. But at what price? The U.N. would generally not interfere in a crisis unless there was already a significant incline towards a potential loss. In other words something has already happened to get the U.N’s attention. Regardless of the U.N.’s pleas for a more diplomatic mediation, Israel is...
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