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What we desire in 2013

What we desire in 2013
After four months of total operation with this project, and almost a year with the main website, we are pretty happy with the results. What appears to be a lingering issue, regardless of our efforts, is the complete lack of users. We have done something recently to try to improve that, including adding "Phoenixwik i" as an exclusive " Cthulhu Portal " only user function of the website. The way this will work is, you log into here, click news , and then to your left, under "store" , click wiki. As long as you are logged into the portal, you will also be logged into the wiki. Sadly, the wiki has 30,000 spam posts that I will have to manually delete one by one, so I dont encourage you to use it until further notice. I will share an update when it has been purged and cleansed of spam. Also,...
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