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Attack of coast of Mogadishu, Somalia prompts helicopter to scuttle pirate vessel

Helicopter destroys enemy piratesAn attack on the third of January 2013 has prompted a universal defense helicopter to take aggressive action in thwarting the pirates' sinister plans. What we know is a vessel, marked with French oil marks , was traveling about 30 miles off the coast of Somalia. At about 14:30 , a unnaturally large 1960's style fishing vessel approached the French vessel at full speed.The French vessel responded accordingly, as it had a safety anti-pirate team on-board. Warning shots were fired once, the enemy defied and rushed boldly. A flare and audible warnings in French, Somali and Arabic were given, still the boat continued to approach.At one point the defense team could take no more, shots were fired to maim or cripple the oncoming vessel. Shockingly, the men on board the enemy pirate Vessel returned fire , using live rpg rounds, ak-47 and Isreali galil-arm rifles.The firefight became so...
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