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Retailing Assignment 2

Retailing Assignment 2
  1: Type Of Food Stores And The Marketing Mix A convenience store has a very direct retail mix. As oppose to supermarkets, supercenters and warehouse stores do not need a large conventional location (hence the name “convenient”). Often, the best location for a convenient store can be a corner off a highway with relatively easy access to anyone that needs a “last second item”. Prices can often be much higher than supermarkets, supercenters and warehouse stores due to the fact that convenient store ideology is centered on convenience (how far would someone have to go to get milk parse) rather than competitive price. Merchandise assortment is similar to some supermarkets, supercenters and warehouse stores , however the assortment is sold from limited vendors and is often comprised of essentials such as bread and milk(along with less necessary but tempting products such as junk food and alcohol).Advertising as opposed to supermarkets,...
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