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Honey Bee

Honey Bee Honey Bee
Honey Bees:Honeybees are a sub-species of insect (Insecta) commonly recognized in many parts of the world. One of their most predominant characteristi...
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Honey Comb Honey Comb
What Is Honeycomb? Honeycomb is a type of hexagonal wax, geometrically designed by honey bees. Honey bee honeycomb is the most popular, noted for its ...
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Honey Spoon

Honey Dipper:A honey dipper, or honey spoon, is a wooden utensil made from grooved wood. Unusually, the handle is also wooden, but in some cases, it is made of iron, aluminum, or plastic. Some more expensive honey dippers/honey-spoons are made of decorative glass. These are, of course, fragile. In many counties where the instruments have been preserved, there is evidence that original honey dippers were made from baked clay with heavy iron content (giving them a red glow). In most modern kitchens and television ads, the consensus is that dippers are usually made of wood.Production:In many broadcast programs titled “how to make a honey dipper”, honey dippers are made using a single piece of hardy wood. Usually pine is not preferable due to its fragility. Most woodworkers prefer to use maple wood as it is resistant to concussive force even when molded down. The wood is treated with a resin prior...
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Production:Production of honey begins with the collection of nectar from various plants, flowers, and buds. Bees ingest raw nectar, process the nectar, then excrete it from glands (known as hypopharyngeal glands). The honey is then stored in a wax coating made from various amino acids (proteins) and vegetable as well as other organic substances. The honey coats the combs of the hive and is stored for later consumption by the workers and queen. Honey production takes a relatively long period of time to accumulate enough amounts of honey for human consumption.Health Benefits:Honey is considered a “health food”. The health benefits of honey are well-studied and historically verifiable. Humans have been harvesting honey from bees since the beginning of written history. As of now some benefits of long-term consumption of honey include:• Wound healing and antiseptic properties (applied externally)• Cough suppression (lubrication and physical scraping of bacteria) • Promotes healthy sleep patterns•...
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