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Honey Badger

What Is A Honey-Badger?The honey badger is a member of the Mellivora family, in the sub-family “Mustelid”. The honey badger is related to the American Badger, the European Badger, the Asian Badger, the Japanese Badger, the Chinese Ferret Badger, the Burmese Ferret Badger, the Javan Ferret Badger, and the Bornean Ferret Badger. It is also closely related to members of the Martin family, and less so to weasels and Polecats. A common misconception is that, due to their behavior, they are related to wolverines. This is only partially true, they are only distantly related to wolverines. Honey badgers are a type of badger, which are known for their abilities to burrow and their long claws.What Does A Honey Badger Look Like?Honey badgers are distinct from other badgers due to their sleek, two color design. From a distance, one can mistake the white stripe and black markings for a common skunk. Upon...
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