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How to take care of that wet device

How to take care of that wet device: have you recently dropped your 1000$ phone in the toilet? Have you dropped your psp in the swimming pool? Are you worried that it will never work again?Well, there is still hope! Before you turn your wet device back on, put it in a huge bowl of rice, thats right, rice! All you have to do is let the device soak in rice for 12 hours. Please don't make the mistake of turning it on before putting it in rice[raw]. At that moment an electrical currents will be conducted by the iodized water particles through your negligence, frying key components in the device within seconds.So, the reason why this works is because like any other seed, rice tends to absorb water molecules from the air, as it evaporates from inside the device, the rice will quite literally suck it up.It's really a neat...
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