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Using cats as medicine

Ok, so a few years back I remember reading about some study that absolutely peaked my interest.  A dear friend of mine and I had a decent conversation a few days ago about how his widowed mother needed a companion. We both decided a dog would be perfect, save the amount of maintenance , a dog has been known to be an excellent companion to the human. But I decided to explain to him about a documentary I saw back in 2003 on using dogs as medicine. Animal Healing Powers!BackgroundSo in 2001, a clinic in Canada had a patient (let's call him Jim). This patient was around 73 or so, and he had a cardiogram done to see his status (because just looking at the heart, you can tell a person's current health status).The man's heart was abysmal, to the point where 21st century medical experts had to say "sorry Jim,...
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