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Perhaps a larger mystery than the Egyptian Pyramids

As far as we are concerned, the Egyptian pyramids could have been built by Aliens. Yes, we cant really doubt that because they align so well with the sun and stars. AliensOr maybe, because ancient Egypt had millions of men, ready to die for the pharaoh , and a ton of slaves, they were created by humans? ( we cant discern this "theory" either). You know how things are, men like to build everything bigger and bolder than their ancestors. HumansBut there is one mystery which we cannot even dare to explain, this would be the little known superstructure known as " The Coral Castle". Located in the far southern tip of Florida in a medium sized town called Homestead. Yeah, it's pretty close to home dear reader. Homestead, FloridaThe coral castle is an enormous castle-like structure created by first time immigrant from Latvia Edward Leedskalnin.Leedskalnin was a strange man. Before...
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