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Why do people still watch western movies?

It is a question that puzzles the modern generation, and seems ever more puzzling when someone from that generation actually also takes interest in this genre. We will dedicate a few words to explain this phenomenon. First , western movies are all considered classics, although we have seen about twenty different versions of" Custer's last stand" , each recreation is slightly different, there is absolutely nothing repetitive about western movies (lol).  Second , the jokes and comedy are just too much. We saw one movie where a youth asked a bearded , large man "hand me over a gun" , the big man responds" i'll give you a gun" , next thing you know, the big man gunwhips the boy across the face, this is very classic and enjoyable. Third , the open drunkenness, and support for alcohol and tobacco is VERY manly, men love manly things, so naturally , manly...
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