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Five hours remain

Well gentlemen, it has been an honor working with you. I remember when the first mushroom spore was created one hundred trillion years ago, wait, no I don't.Anyways, people of earth, we had some good times together. Like the time that one noob was playing minesweeper and said "give me free itams plox" , and the funny looking noob that fell in that pond a few months ago.But alas, we are destined to go together. So, in the name of being pros for life, share this post through social media, it is your destiny to buy stocks in the Cthulhu Portal before the world ends! What should you do on doomsday Honda admits 2012 is real (c) Honda Japan Grumpy cat's last words on doomsdayI need moar itams plox I need moar itams plox (halp me)
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