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Sky Punch

Sky Punch
What would the end of the world look like? Perhaps this question can be answered by looking at a weather phenomenon known as a “sky punch” (the actual name is Fallstreak Hole).A fallstreak hole/ sky punch is basically a weather phenomenon in which specific types of cumulus clouds (cirrocumulus and altocumulus) form a hole in the center, and subsequently ice particles may fall rapidly downwards or evaporate.If the Burgeron Process (see citation) takes effect, the sky punch will likely simply be a hole in a very cloudy sky. These can be observed frequently during the winter. These are characterized by being the only rays of sunlight on a very cloudy day.However, if the Burgeron Process does not take place, something truly magnificent occurs! Ice particles begin to form above the hole in a beautiful mass. The crystalized ice then begins to move clockwise in what appears to be an ice tornado....
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