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6000 dead pigs wash up in chinese river

Ok, lets see here, a group of Chinese pig farmers decided it would be a peachy idea to use a local fresh water river to dispose of over 6000 dead pigs. Now, even in china microbial infection is looked down upon , although groundwater poisoning due to mines is not so commonly addressed.So, the people that threw these bodies into the river, which locals use to drink and irrigate crops, all got away. But there is a sick twist to this gruesome story , some people fished the dead pigs out, and sold the meat on the market. People actually bought and ate it , if properly cooked this shouldn't be an issue, but it makes you a bit sick huh?Although the dumpees were not charged, those that sold the flesh received from a week to 6 years in Chinese government-run prisons , was it worth it?I don't think so!Hopefully the...
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