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Muslims continue to riot, coming closer to home

Following our initial story, where muslims in Egypt and Libya burned American flags and stormed the U.S. embassies , and subsequently  killed the US representative in Lybia along with three of his crew , the protests quickly spread to countries like Yemen , Oman and Qatar . Well, now we have word of attacks in India, Pakistan, Jordan, Israel, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, Saudi Arabia , and even, Australia. You hear right, our beloved twin of America has been infested with protesters, hungry for blood, waving the flags of al qaeda and abu sayaaf ( the al qaeda of the southern hemisphere ) . Millions flocked to Sidney, and have been camping there since. They are throwing rocks at the poor Australian riot police, and are burning American flags. As a Christian country, Australia should suppress these riots with sheer force. Why? To set an example for these terrorists, if they don't do...
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