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Wpnfire is an old shooting game that was actually pretty intense in 2001. So , here it is, and its kind of funny, you will notice it will tell you "it is extremely gpu intensive" ahahaha, the good old days :) Note: if you are using an iphone, or something that does not support flash, you won't see anything.  Cheat codes: ownitup=invincible firepower=all weapons runforrestrun=fast rockedinface=infinite ammo savemejebus=you slide everywhere pwnagesince1337:double damage This is a game where you pwn everything you see. Don't do anything but kill and pwn anything in sight. Use cheat codes if you want to :D They are above you ;)
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The last stand 1

With the epic resurgence of the zombie theme such as the hit tv series "walking dead" , we are glad to move this game to this section of the website! You just get to shoot and kill zombie hordes that want nothing more than to eat your spleens.Just pwn those zombies :D -You wont see anything if you're using an iphone, sorry-
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