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Lottery winner killed

lottery winner killedAfter returning from Saudi Arabia, Urooj Khan bought a generic scratch ticket just to give it a try. To his surprise, he won one million dollars, which even today, is a hefty sum.But just one day before he cashed in his winnings, police found the body of Khan, foaming at the mouth, dead.As with any other inexplicable death, an autopsy was done. Men of the trade stated he had succumb to "natural causes". Which of course is strange since police found cantines of cyanide all around his house.Police have stated that "this was not natural" and that " there is probably a family member around that poisoned Khan with the intent to reap his earnings".Autopsy specialists have since withdrawn the "natural death" statement, concluding that this is indeed an act of homicide, and why not? The intentions (lottery ticket money) seem to be missing.Police will be continuing their research...
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