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Stupid children kill infant and wound mother

A bunch of stupid, no good waste of life hooligans accordingly attempted to mug a woman early this week. The woman, unidentified at this time, was walking her 13 month old son in a stroller.These sick , disgusting and worthless scumbags stopped the woman, and forced her to pay up at gunpoint. The woman was poor, and told them she didn't have anything on her. At that time one of these sick, disgusting and worthless wastes of life pulled out a gun and told the lady they would shoot her child.She adamantly pleaded for her child's life , and told them she really had nothing [she really did not have any money on her]. So these sick boys age 14 and 17 began to fire upon this woman , grazing her head and kneecapping her.As she was lying in a pool of her own blood, the 17 year old scumbag went...
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