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Chapter 9 Assignment

Chapter 9 Assignment
  (1) When Club Med goes through the hiring process, they are apparently looking at potential employees who are motivated and genuinely interested in the positions they offer. For example, the “employee testimonies” have yielded a significant emphasis on employee loyalty both to the field they work in and to Club Med as a whole. They often look for people that show this motivation to join the field and potentially go up the ladder (long-term employees). They state that their ideals are “Multicultural, pioneer, kindness, freedom, responsibility” which implies that the majority of those that go past the interview process are ethical and driven to lead and manage (regardless of their field). Likewise, there is heavy emphasis on taking responsibility for all of one’s actions.                 When hiring internationally, there is a huge diversity of problems that arise. Often, hiring people from separate countries already creates a boundary based on culture...
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