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New African Lava Lake

New African Lava Lake
A boiling lake of fire has appeared near Nyamuragira Mountain in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The lake has been forming for an extended period of time (according to scientific records). However, early yesterday, the ground finally gave way and a stream of bottomless lava rose to the surface.Amid the cloud of nauseous and deadly gas, some images were taken of the lake. These images yielded a surprisingly beautiful jet of molten lava.Scientists are concerned that even though this lake might be temporary, eventually a lake of fire will permanently preside in the region. Scientists believe that (since this is not the first or final lake of fire) that these lakes will continue to spawn over extended periods of time. Some theorize that this can even be a precursor to the explosion of Mount Nyamuragira.The area around the mountain is relatively unpopulated, however there are regions within the blast radius that...
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