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Cory Monteith found dead

Cory Monteith, a star on the hit tv series "Glee" was found killed to death in his apartment housing unit. Shortly after police arrived and probed the body, they concurred that Cory Monteith was not killed to death, but rather that a drug overdose was to blame. Cory Monteith dead As is often the case with young stars, people's expectations and their ability to perform begin to conflict severely. The use of drugs to soothe pressure, stress , and the daily act that needs to be put on usually develops rapidly in such cases. Over time, the actor/star develops a dangerous addiction ; they can't quite be "themselves" without the drugs. Some will often seek help, but this is a feign because they will secretly always lapse. Eventually, regardless of expensive therapies, rehabilitation centers, and persona trainers, the lack of close familial support , and the inability to cope with the...
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