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Prisoner gets more time in jail for sticking his manliness in a salad

Anthony GentileThis coming right from various accountable sources in Florida: a man that was thrown into prison recently on "sex with a minor" charges is facing an additional three years in prison. And the reason behind this additional sentence? Well that is just the most bizarre of stories.The prisoner, 41 year old Anthony Gentile (ironic), had just taken up kitchen duties , possibly because the prison crew believed he was fit to make parole. Well, the first day on the job, Gentile just couldn't hold himself together. He took the salad he was making and slabbed his genitals inside, covering them with salad.He did this for well over six minutes , mixing them with sauces and oils. After Gentile was done scrubbing his meatstick with the fresh veggies, he spat into the salad. Gentile then took off his underwears and was readying to defecate into the salad. Luckily, he heard knocking...
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