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Fight over McDonalds leads to punctured butthole

Simmons Mugshot -- punctured butthole over cheezburgerEarly today , one man received a punctured butthole, and one woman went to prison. You see, these  two people Rebbecca Simmons, 45 and Mohammad Abukhder, 35 were at a drive-through at a local McDonalds.Naturally , Simmons (needing that g******* burger) decided to cut in line at the drive-through. When Mohammad Abukhder didn't allow this to happen , Simmons got out of her car and scratched Abukhder's car. Mohammad Abukhder responded by taking her key and calling the police.Just shortly later, Simmons took out a knife, Mohammad got out of his car, bent over, brandished his a$$hole and next thing you know, he had a knife deeply inserted inside of his rectum. Although he thoroughly enjoyed this sex act (what the f%^*?) , police ended this little joy party, sending Mohammad to the hospital for anal surgery and Simmons to jail for assault with a deadly weapon.This is...
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