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FBI to murder the scooter store

You heard it here first people! Those annoying commercials where that guy tells us his life story and about how much better it got with his new mobile chair was working for a company that exploits government funds! Scooter store fraudThat's right ladies and gentlemen, although having a stair lifter or motor scooter to get around would be very important, the scooter store actually funds these through the use of Medicare , a federally funded insurance type thing that help the elderly pay for medical expenses.Now this sounds great, except for the fact that since it is government money, they encourage people to exploit it. And how exactly? Or more importantly , why?Well first of all, government money is just in a state of limbo, since a huge amount [of money] is still set aside while Medicare  has not expired, because it was initially created to allow old people to survive...
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