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16 pirates with huge knives steal pounds of pork

Again , the coast of  Chittagong, Bangladesh has been hit by a strange pirate attack. Sixteen pirates armed to the teeth with what appears to be three foot long butcher knives boarded a Bangladeshi ship early today.The pirates sped towards the anchored ship going 12 nautical miles per hour on a twin engine , expensive looking speedboat. After boarding the ship, the men ran to the cargo decks below. The crew, however, were alerted quickly and rang an alarm.This resulted in the pirates taking what they had (apparently half a ton of raw pork) , placing it in their (probably stolen) speedboat , and running off.When authorities arrived, film image was acquired from a local dock speed monitor camera. An investigation has been launched , but the chances of finding the boat are probably "pretty slim" -- according to the local chief of police.The total monetary loss in pork is totaled...
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